Sophisticated and heavy-duty steel doors adding security and strength. Designs that are easy to install and maintain, for different types of applications and requirements.

Fire Door

Fire Doors provide fire fighting protection shield in case of a hazardous circumstance. These doors provide a safe and easy exit at the time of emergency by holding back the fire and smoke from spreading as they are crafted with 46mm core and 18G steel gauge. The fire doors by Hercules Steel Doors are designed to meet the safety standards while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

Fire Rated Exit Door

Fire Rated Exit Doors are ideal for industrial applications and as they can keep the fire from spreading for the designated period of time. These doors by Hercules Steel are made with 46mm core and 18G steel gauge. The Fire Rated Exit Doors can be customized according to the requirements and ensure quick and easy passage during an event of fire.

Fire Resistant Door

Fire Resistant Doors by Hercules are made with heavy gauge steel and 46mm core that meets industry standards. These fire resistant doors are crucial for industrial units as they are specially designed to compartmentalize fire and smoke while preventing them from spreading. Superior quality steel is used in these doors making them robust and durable.

Industrial Door

Industrial Doors by Hercules Doors are carefully designed for efficiency, durability and performance. Fabricated from latest technology CNC machines with excellent quality as per the international standards, the 20G steel doors are built for high performance scenarios and can be customized according to the requirement of an industrial unit.