Built with stainless steel and galvanized steel for added protection and durability. Different commercial door designs to meet the various requirements of a structure.

Single Leaf Fire Proof Door

Fire Doors are crucial for commercial buildings as they compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire. Steel Fire-Proof doors are vital in protecting life and property in the event of fire as they prevent fire and smoke from spreading. Made with a 46mm core and 18G Door Panel, Single Leaf Fire Proof Doors are best for exits in commercial structures.

Double Leaf Fire Proof Door

Made with heavy duty gauge steel, Double Leaf Fire Proof Doors are vital in preventing widespread damage from fire in a commercial structure. These Steel Fire Proof Doors meet all industry standards and are manufactured with constant quality checks. In case of fire, they compartmentalize and contain the spread of fire saving lives and property.

General Door

General Doors are ideal for office entrances, factories, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels and other application areas due to their advanced safety and security features. These doors are specially designed to withstand exterior conditions for long lasting durability.

Louvred Door

Louvred Doors are vital in areas, which require cross-ventilation such as in generator rooms, swimming pools, plant rooms, boiler rooms, electrical substations and other commercial areas. These doors are manufactured with a 46mm core and designed in such a way that there is no or restricted visual contact but allows for ventilation.

Woodgrain Door

Wood Grain Doors by Hercules are heavy gauge steel doors embossed with wood grain patterns that provide the aesthetics of a wooden door with the performance and strength of a steel door with a 46mm core. Fabricated from latest technology CNC machines with excellent quality as per the international standards, these doors can be used in both fire and non-fire applications and are less prone to damage, termite resistant, do not swell, warp or crack.

Scientific Door

Scientific Doors are specially designed to meet hygienic and stringent requirement of clean rooms. These doors are best for applications in humid or corrosive environments, as they do not swell, rot, warp, rust or attract bacteria thus making the door extremely hygienic and perfect for the pharmaceutical, leisure, food, and healthcare sectors. Made with strongly profiled framing structure they ensure no pressure leakage. Fabricated from latest technology CNC machines with excellent quality as per the international standards, a 20G Door Panel and 18G Door Frame ensures that the hygiene requirements of the room are not compromised.